This is an example configuration of Android for Work with G Suite. You can configure Android for Work MDM without G Suite.

  1. Go to Admin > Google/Android > Android for Work, and then click Use Alternate Setup.
    Screen capture of the Android for Work window with the Alternate Setup Method option highlighted.
  2. In Get Started section, click Google Developers Console, and follow the on-screen instructions.
    Screen capture of the Android for Work window showing the Get Started, Enter Token and Connect and Authorize sections.
  3. In MobileIron's admin portal, under Enter Token and Connect, connect to your organization's Google service.
  4. In the MDM Token field, enter the token from the previous step.
  5. In the Domain field, enter the domain by uploading the JSON file created earlier from the Google Developers Console, and click Connect.
  6. To enable MobileIron to manage your Google users, click Authorize.