This is an example configuration of Android for Work with G Suite. Android for Work can also be configured for MDM without G Suite.

  1. In Workspace ONE UEM, go to Settings > Devices & Users > Android > Android For Work.
    Screen capture of the Devices & Users section with the Android For Work option highlighted.
  2. Click Click here.

    The browser redirects to G Suite, and on completion of the configuration, returns to Workspace ONE UEM.

    Screen capture of the Android For Work section with "If you are deploying G Suite, Click here" highlighted.
  3. In Workspace ONE UEM, in the Android For Work window, click Configure, and fill in the required details.
    Screen capture of Android For Work showing multiple required fields for Google Admin Console Settings, such as Domain, Enterprise Token, and Google Admin Email Address, and for Google Developer Console Settings, such as Client ID, Google Service Account Email Address, and Certificate ID.