1. Sign on to the admin console.
  2. Go to Setup > PingID > Configuration.

    A screen capture of the Devices section.
  3. In the Devices section, define the maximum devices a user can pair and how devices are presented when authenticating. From the Maximum Allowed Devices list, select the maximum number of devices that a user can pair with their account or app. The default value is 1, and the maximum value is 20.

    When a user adds more than one device, the devices appear on their Devices page and are listed in the order in which they were added. The most recently added device appears last in the list.

  4. In the Devices Selection section, select one of the following options.
    • Default to Primary: Prompts the user to authenticate with their primary device. If the primary device is not allowed by the PingID policy, the secondary permitted device is presented. Applies to PingID Web, API, RADIUS, and SSH default interfaces. For more information, see Policy evaluation.
    • Prompt User to Select: Allows the user to choose from the list of authentication methods paired with their account. Only authentication methods permitted by the relevant PingID policy are shown. Applies to PingID Web, API, RADIUS (when supporting challenge mode), and SSH default interfaces.

    The Devices Selection section only appears if you select two or more devices from the Maximum Allowed Devices list.

  5. In the Device Management section, configure the following options.
    Check boxDescription
    Allow Users to Unpair and Change Devices Using the Mobile App Allows users to unpair and change devices from within the PingID mobile app.
    Note: To enable this option for users paired to more than one data center, the Allow users to unpair and change devices using the mobile app” check box must be enabled for all data centers, and the data centers must be in the same location.
    Allow Users to Manage Their Devices on the Web Allows users to manage their devices on the web through their Devices page. For more information, see Managing your devices.
    Enable Device Management for Users with No Paired Devices Allows users to manage their devices even if they do not have a device paired with their account. This check box is optional.
  6. In the Email Notification for New Devices field, click Enable to send an email to notify a user each time a device is paired with their account, and allow the user to report suspected fraud if they did not pair the device.

    Email notifications are fully customizable. For more information, see Configuring email notifications.

  7. Click Save.