Before configuring the Biometrics Device posture policy, make sure the following options are configured in the Configuration tab, Device Biometrics area:
  • Device Biometrics: Select either Enable or Require.

    Screen shot showing the Device Biometrics options in the Configuration tab.

    Note: If this option is set to Disabled, the Device & Pairing Device Requirements drop down list shows the Device Biometrics option, but it is disabled.
  • Enable On: Select the iOS and Android check boxes. If the relevant check box is not selected, when a user signs on the policy is bypassed.
Use the Device Biometrics policy to enforce the use of a device that includes a hardware biometrics sensor when pairing or authenticating with PingID. The user does not have to activate the biometrics sensor or define their biometrics before pairing or authenticating with the device.

The Device Biometrics policy is supported by PingID mobile app 1.12 or later. The policy is not evaluated for users running earlier versions of PingID mobile app.

  1. In the admin console, go to Setup > PingID > DEVICE & PAIRING.

    Screen shot show showing the list of Device Requirements policies.

  2. In the DEVICE REQUIREMENTS section, click Add.
  3. From the Select a Condition menu, select Device Biometrics.
    Screen shot showing the Device Biometrics policy.
  4. Click Save.