This rule defines which authentication action to prompt the user with if the previous authentication request:

  • Occurs within the defined time period.
  • Originates from the same accessing device that was used for the previous authentication request.
  • Uses an authentication method that is one of the allowed authentication methods included in this policy.
  1. From within the relevant policy, click + Add Rule, and select Recent authentication.

    A screen capture of the + Add Rule list.
  2. From the Action list, select the action to use if the previous authentication request was within the time specified.
    • Deny (default): Deny access for authentication requests originating from the selected countries.
    • Approve: Approve access without requiring PingID authentication.
    • Authenticate: Allow the user to authenticate using any of the authentication methods allowed at the policy level.
    • Allowed Methods: Click Allowed Methods to reveal a list of authentication methods allowed by this policy, and then select the check box of each authentication method that you want to allow for this rule. See Rule authentication actions for description per authentication type.

    A screen capture of the Recent Authentication section, with the Action and Authentication with device within fields displayed.
  3. To define the time period that applies to the Action setting, from the Authentication With Device Within list, select the unit of time in Minutes, Hours, Days, or Weeks, and then enter the numerical value in the text box.

    A screen capture of the Authentication with device within section displaying Minutes in the time unit list.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the Policy list, click and drag the new policy and place it in the order in which you want it to be considered. Click Save Order.
To ensure the policy is applied to your organization, go to PingID > Configuration and ensure Enforce Policy is set to Enabled.