1. Go to the PingOne console and open the environment you are using for Windows Login - Passwordless.
  2. In the icon menu, click the Connections icon.
  3. Click Applications.
  4. Click the plus sign to add a new application.
  5. For the application type, select Native App.
  6. Click the Configure button to continue with the creation of the application.
  7. Provide a name and description for the application, and click Next.
  8. Add the redirect URL winlogin.pingone.com://callbackauth, and then click Save and Continue.
    You can skip the steps Grant Resource Access and Attribute Mapping.
  9. Scroll down to the Certificate-based authentication section.
    Win Login Passwordless - application configuration - certificate-based authentication section
  10. Set the slider to Enabled.
  11. Select an existing issuance certificate.
  12. Go to the application's Policies tab.
  13. Drag the passwordless policy that you created from the All Policies list to the Applied Policies list.
    Win Login Passwordless - application configuration - applied policies