The PingID desktop app has been extended to support the following new feature:
PingID desktop app PIN code
Admins now have the option to configure the PingID desktop app, so that the OTP screen will be hidden behind either a 4-digit or 6-digit PIN code. This elevates the security level and avoids cases of users leaving their workstation unlocked, and other users accessing the PingID OTP.

Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PID-2451 The previous version of the desktop app returned a general "unknown error" message on failure of desktop related activities to communicate with the PingID server. This has been refined so that errors caused by network issues now return a "network error" message.
PID-4081 In some installations of the desktop app, part of the lower section of the app window was cut. This was due to custom DPI or custom scaling. This has been resolved. Although there remain few rare edge cases of a combination between small screen sizes and high resolution, where a tiny lower part of the screen is still cut, all UI controls are visible and the app is fully fuctional.
PID-4199 and PID-4206 When a user was offline and trying to unpair the desktop app, the user did not receive the correct warning that there is no connectivity and that the user may need to contact the admin in order to complete the unpairing process. This has been resolved with a clear warning, and the option buttons to either continue or cancel the unpair action.

Known issues and limitations

Desktop app window display is cut

In some rare cases of a combination between small screen sizes and high resolution, a small part of the lower section of the desktop app window display is cut. Functionality is not affected.