The PingID desktop app has been extended to support the following new features:

PingID desktop app 1.5.0 proxy support
Admins now have the option to configure the PingID desktop app, so that it supports proxy for all enterprise internal communication to the internet, on enterprise desktop and laptop machines.
  • Scripts for PingID desktop app 1.5.0
    • SetAutoUpdateMode:
      • The SetAutoUpdateMode.1.5.0.bat script for Windows platforms has been updated. If admins wish to update the desktop app's autoupdate status, they need to run the SetAutoUpdateMode.1.5.0.bat script. The new SetAutoUpdateMode.1.5.0.bat script for Windows is provided at https://github.com/pingidentity/pingid-desktop-application.
      • There is no change to the SetAutoUpdateMode.bat script on Windows, for desktop app version 1.4 and lower.
      • There is no change to the SetAutoUpdateMode.sh script for Apple Mac.
    • SetProxyParams:
      • The new SetProxyParams script is available from PingID desktop app 1.5.0, and is required in order to configure the proxy feature for Windows or Apple Mac.
      • The SetProxyParams scripts for both Windows and Apple Mac are provided at https://github.com/pingidentity/pingid-desktop-application.
Desktop app interface improvements for PIN code
The desktop app interface has been enhanced to display improved instructions describing the valid PIN policy requirement: 3 different nonsequential numbers for a 4-digit PIN, and 4 different nonsequential numbers for a 6-digit PIN.

Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PID-4792 A case was reported where the PingID Desktop app with the PIN code feature enabled hung after several days of inactivity. This issue is now resolved.
PID-5089 In some cases, the PingID desktop app crashed when running on Windows 10 Creators version (builds 1703 and 1709). This issue is now resolved.
PID-5486 There were cases where uninstalling the desktop app did not clear historical configuration settings. This issue is now resolved.

Known issues and limitations

Autoupdate feature

Windows 10 Creators version and later: If autoupdate had been disabled in an earlier version of the PingID desktop app version, the new SetAutoUpdateMode.1.5.0.bat script needs to be run after the PingID desktop app is upgraded to version 1.5.0.

Proxy configuration script SetProxyParams
CAUTION: After any execution of the SetProxyParams script, it is imperative to shut down and reopen the PingID desktop app. Failure to do so will cause errors in the desktop app's operation.
Validation of the proxy parameters in the SetProxyParams script

Windows platforms only: When running the SetProxyParams script, there is no port parameter entry validation, and the configuration completes without warning, even in the case of an incorrect alphanumeric port parameter entry.

Unpairing the PingID desktop app when the PIN code setting is enabled

In Version 1.5, when the desktop app is configured to require a PIN code, the Help>Unpair (Windows) or PingID>Unpair (Mac) menu options are displayed also after the user logged in to the app, although they should only be displayed before the user has entered their PIN code. If a user wants to unpair the desktop app when logged in to the desktop app (after entering the PIN code), they should do so only via the settings (gear icon) and not using the Help>Unpair or PingID>Unpair menu options.

Unpairing from the Help>Unpair or PingID>Unpair menu is only meant for the case where the user has lost their PIN code and is unable to log in. This action will also require admin to unpair the user's desktop app from the server side, in order to permit the user to pair again.