1. In the admin portal, go to Setup > PingID > Policy, and click the Web tab.
    A list of policies is displayed.
    A screen capture of the PingID Policy listing.

    To change the order in which the policy is applied, click and drag the policy entry up or down in the list.

  2. Within the relevant policy you want to edit, click the Expand icon ().
    The policy expands to show a summary of the policy configuration.

  3. To edit the policy, click the Pencil icon ( ).
    The policy opens showing the Applications, Groups, Rules, and Allowed Authentication Methods to which the policy applies.
    A screen capture of the policy wizard allowing editing of its configuration.
  4. Edit the policy configuration:
    • Name: Rename the policy as required.
    • Applications: Select or clear an application check box to add or remove it from the list or:
      • Select the All Applications check box to include all applications currently listed and all applications that are added in the future.
      • Select the Select All check box to include all currently listed applications.

        With this option, applications added to the list in the future will not be included in the policy.

    • Groups: select or clear a group's check box to add or remove it from the list, or select the All Groups check box to apply the policy to all groups.
    • Allowed Authentication Methods: select or clear an authentication method check box to add or remove it from the list, or select the All Methods check box to allow all current and future authentication methods.
  5. Edit the policy rules as required:
    A screen capture of the Rules listing.
    Editing actionDescription

    Reorder rules within a policy

    Click a rule, drag it to the desired position, and then release the mouse.

    Edit existing rules

    Click the arrow to the left of the rule you want to edit, and edit the fields that you want to change.

    Add a rule

    To add a rule, click + Add Rule. Select and configure the relevant rule.


    For details of how to configure a specific rule, see the relevant rule as described in Configure an app or group-specific authentication policy.

    Delete a rule

    Click the rule that you want to delete and within the rule details, click the Delete icon ( ).

  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Policy list, click and drag the new policy and place it in the order in which you want it to be considered. Click Save Order.