1. Download yum.sh from: https://public.dhe.ibm.com/aix/freeSoftware/aixtoolbox/ezinstall/ppc/yum.sh.

    If you experience difficulty downloading yum.sh directly to the server, first download it to the local machine, and then copy it to the server using scp.

  2. From a terminal session, execute the following commands as root:
    source yum.sh
    yum update
    yum install unzip automake libtool gcc curl-devel
  3. Download and extract the PingID package.
  4. Go to the PingID installation directory:
    cd pingid-<version>
  5. Set the environment variables in preparation for the build process:
    export M4=/opt/freeware/bin/m4
    env LIBTOOLIZE=glibtoolize
  6. From the terminal session, execute the following commands:
    autoreconf --install jansson/jansson-2.13.1
    autoreconf --install libjwt/libjwt-1.12.0
    autoreconf --install
     ./configure --with-pam --prefix=/usr
     make install #as root
  7. Download the properties file. See Integrate PingID with SSH.
  8. Copy the properties file to /usr/etc/pingid/pingid.properties.
    sudo cp pingid.properties /usr/etc/pingid/pingid.properties

    Do not make any changes to the contents of the file.

In the event of problems, see Troubleshooting the PingID SSH installation.