The bundled C compiler on HP-UX is intended for building a kernel and is not much use for anything else. We need the HP-UX C/C++ Development Environment that includes the latest C compiler or gcc compiler. (This procedure was tested with gcc-4.2.3 32-bit Itanium 2, now deprecated.)

  1. Download depothelper and gcc to local machine from and
  2. Copy depothelper and gcc to the hpux server:
    scp -P <port> depothelper-2.20-ia64_64-11.31.depot.gz
    scp -P <port> gcc-4.2.3-ia64_32-11.31.depot.gz
  3. As root, unzip and install depothelper and gcc:
    /usr/contrib/bin/gunzip /tmp/depothelper-2.20-ia64_64-11.31.depot.gz
    /usr/contrib/bin/gunzip /tmp/gcc-4.2.3-ia64_32-11.31.depot.gz
    and then run:
    /usr/sbin/swinstall -s /tmp/depothelper-2.20-ia64_64-11.31.depot
    /usr/sbin/swinstall -s /tmp/gcc-4.2.3-ia64_32-11.31.depot.gz
  4. As root, install curl:
    /usr/local/bin/depothelper curl
  5. Create simlinks (as root only for gcc-4.2.3 32-bit):
    mkdir /usr/local/lib/hpux32
    sudo ln -s /opt/gtk2.6/lib/ /usr/local/lib/hpux32/
    sudo ln -s /opt/gtk2.6/lib/ /usr/local/lib/hpux32/
  6. Copy the pingid tarball from the local machine to the server and unpack it:
    scp -P <port> pingid-4.0.16.tar.gz
    cd /home/user
    /usr/contrib/bin/gunzip pingid-4.0.16.tar.gz
    tar xvf pingid-4.0.16.tar
  7. Set up the environment and build the 64 bit version:

    For gcc-4.2.3 32-bit only:

    export CC="/usr/local/bin/gcc -mlp64"

    For all:

    cd ~/pingid-4.0.16
    autoreconf -i
    ./configure --with-pam
    sudo make install
  8. Download the properties file. See Integrate PingID with SSH.
  9. Copy your file to server:
    scp -P <port>
    sudo cp /usr/local/etc/pingid/

    Do not make any changes to the contents of the file.

  10. If you do not have a collection of trusted root certification authorities on the server, you can download cacert.pem from to /usr/local/etc/pingid/ using the command:
    sudo curl -o /usr/local/etc/pingid/cacert.pem

In the event of problems, see Troubleshooting the PingID SSH installation.