PAM with SSHD is not supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux prior to version 7.6.

  1. Install the C compiler:
    sudo yum install gcc
  2. Install OpenSSL (development version):
    sudo yum install openssl-devel
  3. Install libCURL (development version):
    sudo yum install curl-devel
  4. Install libPAM (development version):
    sudo yum install pam-devel
  5. Download and extract the PingID package.
  6. Go to the PingID installation directory:
    cd pingid-<version>
  7. Activate the configuration utility to enable PAM, and set the /usr prefix to install below the /usr directory:
    ./configure --with-pam --prefix=/usr
  8. Build and install PingID SSH:
    sudo make install
  9. Download the properties file. See Integrate PingID with SSH.
  10. Copy the properties file to /etc/pingid/
    sudo cp /etc/pingid/

    Do not make any changes to the contents of the file.

  11. Pair the end user device. See Pairing the end user device.

In the event of problems, see Troubleshooting the PingID SSH installation.