PAM with SSHD is not supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux prior to version 7.6.

  1. Install the C compiler:
    sudo yum install gcc
  2. Install OpenSSL (development version):
    sudo yum install openssl-devel
  3. Install libCURL (development version):
    sudo yum install curl-devel
  4. Install libPAM (development version):
    sudo yum install pam-devel
  5. Download and extract the PingID package.
  6. Go to the PingID installation directory:
    cd pingid-<version>
  7. Activate the configuration utility to enable PAM, and set the /usr prefix to install below the /usr directory:
    ./configure --with-pam --prefix=/usr
  8. Build and install PingID SSH:
    sudo make install
  9. Download the properties file. See Integrate PingID with SSH.
  10. Copy the properties file to /etc/pingid/
    sudo cp /etc/pingid/

    Do not make any changes to the contents of the file.

In the event of problems, see Troubleshooting the PingID SSH installation.