The PingID Integration Kit 2.18 for PingFederate is released with the following components:

PingID Integration Kit component Version Status
PingID Adapter 2.12 Unchanged
PingID RADIUS PCV 3.0 Updated
PingID SaaS Connector 1.1.1 Unchanged


PingID RADIUS PCV 3.0 is released and includes the following enhancements:
  • We've added support for MS-CHAP v2 RADIUS Server authentication protocol. For information, see Configuring RADIUS PCV for MS-CHAPv2.
  • PingID RADIUS PCV can now receive user attributes from Active Directory, without using the AD as the first factor.
  • We've made improvements to enhance performance and security.

Resolved issues

With the release of PingID RADIUS PCV 3.0, the following issues have been resolved.

Ticket ID Description
PIM-3370 Fixed an issue that was preventing PingID RADIUS PCV from using the relevant timeout value configured in PingFederate when creating a connection with LDAP.