The PingID Integration Kit 2.8 for PingFederate is released with the following components:

PingID Integration Kit component Version Status
PingID Adapter 2.7 New
PingID PCV 2.5 Unchanged
PingID SaaS Connector 1.0.1 Unchanged


PingID attributes for use with PingFederate policy
Admins can now use PingID authentication attributes from the PingID adapter when creating PingFederate policies. This enables admins to create more accurate policies, based on information obtained by PingID, for a higher level of security.

Retain PingID cookie after SLO
It is now possible to choose to retain the PingID cookie when a user performs SLO (single logout) from PingFederate.
Warning: This option prevents a full clean up of the user trace on the machine after SLO (single logout) and may expose your user accounts to additional security risks. This option should only be used with full understanding of the security implications.