The PingID Integration Kit 2.7 for PingFederate is released with the following components:

PingID Integration Kit component Version Status
PingID Adapter 2.6 New
PingID PCV 2.5 Unchanged
PingID SaaS Connector 1.0.1 Unchanged


PingID Adapter v2.6
  • FIDO passwordless authentication infrastructure

    PingID Adapter v2.6 includes important updates and changes required to support the forthcoming release of FIDO passwordless authentication.

  • PingID Adapter support for multiple branded URLs in PingFederate

    PingID Adapter now supports the use of multiple branded URLs for use in PingFederate. This feature requires PingFederate v9.2 and higher, and does not require any specific configuration in the PingID Adapter.

    To use this feature in conjunction with SLO (Single Log Out), requires PingFederate v9.2.3 or higher.

    For further details, refer to the documentation Supporting multiple access mode.

Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PID-8286 Fixed an issue that was requesting that values be manually entered for the LDAP Search Scope and Cookie Duration fields when upgrading from a much older version of PingID Adapter. These fields are automatically populated with default values during the upgrade process.
PID-7348 Fixed an issue when running the heartbeat validation that was causing an error in some cases if using a proxy with PingID Adapter.