Information regarding location of accessing device
We're adding a map to PingID mobile app push notifications that will show the general region in which an accessing device is located. This could help a user to identify an unauthorized attempt to sign on to their account. The location is generated using Reverse IP lookup, and the map is only shown on the user's authenticating device when relevant location information is available. In future versions we'll be adding more details about location and device type.

For new organizations this feature is enabled automatically. For existing organizations, the feature must be enabled in the admin portal (see Displaying details of accessing device).

Repositioning of the Report Fraud button
We've improved the position of the Report Fraud button, so it's less likely a user will tap it unintentionally.
Accessibility improvements
As part of our ongoing efforts to improve accessibility, we've made some necessary updates to the PingID mobile app.
Performance and reliability
Improvements to performance and reliability.

Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PIM-2667/PIM-2559 Fixed some spelling errors that appeared in the Dutch version of PingID mobile app.

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