Information regarding location of accessing device
We've improved the location map to include more specific information. The map now includes text showing the location, device type and the browser type for the accessing device.
Support for OAEP padding for offline use cases
We've added support for OAEP padding for offline use cases. To take advantage of this feature, the relevant clients must be updated ( Windows Login, Mac Login, and the PingID Adapter). To support backward compatibility, we also continue to support current client implementations.
Accessibility improvements
As part of our ongoing efforts to improve accessibility, we've made some necessary updates to the PingID mobile app's TalkBack screen reader.
Performance, security, and reliability
Improvements to performance, security, and reliability.

Deprecated features

Support for Android 7.x and lower is ending
From the next version, PingID mobile app will no longer support platforms older than Android 8.

Download PingID mobile app for Android.