New welcome screen
We've added a welcome screen, to provide the following information to the end user:
  • General overview of PingID mobile app
  • How to pair your device with PingID mobile app for the first time
  • How to restore PingID mobile app when upgrading or changing your device
  • What to do if you can't unpair PingID mobile app yourself

The welcome screen appears when the user opens PingID mobile app for the first time. It is also accessible from the Pair your device (QR code) window Info button.

One-time passcode (OTP) enhancements
When opening the PingID mobile app, only a valid OTP is displayed and the OTP now appears more rapidly.
Note: Dotted lines may appear in place of numbers for a few moments, until a valid OTP is shown.
Performance, security, and reliability
Improvements to performance, security, and reliability.