View a list of users by service, filter the list by a specific service, or search for a specific user.

  1. In the PingOne admin portal, go to Users > Users by Service.
    The Users by Service window displays users for all services. By default, each user entry lists all services associated with that user. Hover over a service to view its full name.
  2. Choose from the following options to filter the list.
    View users by a specific service Select the service to filter. A list of all users associated with the selected service is displayed
    View the services for a specific user In the search bar, enter any part of the user name or email address. If you filter the list by a specific service the search returns results only for users of that service.
    View the service details of a specific user Click the Expand icon. If more than one service is shown for the user, you can expand each service to see the last activity details.
    View a report showing all user activity for a specific service Click the relevant link in the user entry, such as View SSO Activity.