For examples of specific use cases and more detailed information about implementation, see Authentication method selection and priority - use cases.

Authentication methods are configured:

  • Per policy: Select the authentication methods that you want to allow in the policy.

    A screen capture of the Allowed Authentication Methods section displaying the Methods list and check boxes. The All Methods check box is selected.

    • The authentication methods selected are the only authentication methods the user is allowed to authenticate with if this policy is applied.
    • The methods selected in the Allowed Authentication Methods section determine the actions available in all rules related to this policy.

    For a definition of the allowed authentication methods, see Allowed authentication methods.


    Only authentication methods that are enabled at the organization level are available at the policy level. For details of how to configure authentication options at the organization level, see Configure the PingID service.

  • Per rule: The Rule action determines how the user is authenticated in the event that the rule is applied. For a definition of the available rule authentication actions, see Rule authentication actions.

A screen capture of the Default Action section displaying the Action list.