The PingID service is currently installed at the following regional data centers:

  • North America (East and West Coasts)
  • Europe
  • Australia

All PingID service installations are hosted in the Amazon cloud.

Although each data center can service PingID users from any location, the location of your data center is important. It provides additional benefits, including:

  • Better compliance with European, Australian, and New Zealand regulations and companies' standards.
  • Users’ personally identifiable information (PII) is stored in the specified regional hosting facility only.
  • Optimized network speed for regional users.
For more information on registering a PingOne account and defining the data center location for your organization, see Registering a PingOne account.
  • After you create and register your organization in PingOne, it is not possible to migrate from one data center to another.
  • A user must have the PingID mobile app v1.9 or later installed to pair the PingID mobile app to two or more organizations that are not using the same data center.