June 2023 - PingID

PingID Administration Guide

PingID Administration Guide
Page created: 6 Jun 2023 |
Page updated: 11 Jul 2023

New features and improvements in PingID implemented in June 2023.

June 27

Number matching details added to the Use Code screen

We’ve added details of the number required to complete a number-matching flow to the One-time passcode (OTP) screen. This can be helpful in the event that a user who is prompted to authenticate using number matching clicks the Use Code option before completing authentication, as they are still able to view the relevant number and complete the number-matching flow.

June 22

New version of PingID Integration Kit 2.25.

PingID Integration kit for PingFederate
A new version of PingID Integration Kit 2.25 is released with a new version of PingID Adapter 2.14. For more information, see PingID Integration Kit 2.25 (June 22, 2023).

June 15

New version of PingID Mobile app 1.37

PingID mobile app

For iOS changes, see Mobile app 1.37 (Jun 15, 2023) iOS.

For Android changes, see Mobile app 1.37 (Jun 15, 2023) Android.

June 8

Enhancements when connecting PingID and PingOne

We've enhanced the process of connecting an existing PingID organization to a new PingOne environment:
  • Before starting the process of connecting PingID and PingOne, PingID now performs a verification check to ensure that the license for the relevant PingOne organization is valid, and is sufficient to support the number of PingID users.

    If the license is not valid, or the number of users required exceeds the number of users permitted by the organization's PingOne license, the process is stopped. An audit message is included in the admin activity report in PingID. Customers should contact their support representative to extend their license if required, and then restart the connecting process.

  • New audit events are included in the admin activity report in PingID to enable Administrators to review the synchronization status and follow up in case of any possible failures.

June 6

New version of PingID integration for Windows login (version 2.10)


PingID "Forgot your device?" backup authentication link unavailable

Fixed an issue that was causing the Forgot your device? link to disappear from the authenticating screen, even when at least one authentication method was configured for backup authentication in the web portal, and the relevant rule action was configured in PingID policy.