PingID SDK audit event subscriptions
PingID SDK has been extended to support audit event subscriptions for queue, delivery, bounce, and complaint email event details of user authentication and pairing via email.

If you are already subscribed for PingID SDK events, you'll automatically receive these email event details.

If you are not subscribed, you can create a subscription of type PingID SDK. See Add a Push subscription in the PingOne documentation.

Authentication API
The Authentication API has been extended with the new approvedDeviceState parameter. approvedDeviceState provides the state of an approved untrusted device, in scenarios where an authentication request from the untrusted mobile app is approved by the user using a different, trusted device.

RegistrationToken API
The RegistrationToken API has been extended with:
  • The GET RegistrationToken operation, to retrieve the registration token resource.
  • The new status parameter, that provides the registration token status value that is returned from the call.

Resolved issues

Ticket ID Description
PIDC-2122 Fixed a case where data that included special characters such as emojis and symbols caused the response validation to fail.