PingID SDK has been released as a generally available feature. PingID SDK enables developers of mobile apps on iOS or Android to include advanced functionality that is on-brand and customizable within their mobile applications. This allows organizations to preserve their brand experience, rather than force customers to download a separate MFA application.

Please refer to PingID SDK developer documentation.

Known issues and limitations

Application ID in upper case prevents user pairing

If the application ID is set into the mobile application in upper case, it is impossible to pair a user (PIDC-347).

In the developers' sample app ("Moderno"):
  • Unpairing from mobile unpairs users from client only:

    Unpairing from the mobile in the developers' sample app ("Moderno"), unpairs the user from the client only (local unpair). The user should also be unpaired from the server side.

  • Android: The progress spinner continues spinning after adding a new device:

    Android: After adding a new device in the Moderno app, the progress spinner on the primary device continues to spin after approval has completed, and does not disappear (PIMC-265).