Customization and trust of email domains via PingID SDK APIs
PingID SDK has been extended to support use of your organization’s own trusted email domains and email addresses, using the PingID SDK APIs. This reinforces trust from the customer and also from the receiving servers. The APIs provide a further option to configure DKIM and SPF verification for outbound emails.
Note: As part of this feature upgrade, email template IDs have changed. Template locales are modified so that every occurrence of an underscore ("_") character is replaced with a hyphen ("-").
To reduce confusion, the creation of unusable or invalid templates is no longer allowed. Some invalid templates have been deleted. This includes:
  • Templates that don't contain the required ${otp} parameter, either in the subject or in the email body.
  • Templates that are missing "from" or "reply-to" addresses, or have an invalid address.