The PingID SDK 1.12 package is released with the following components:
PingID SDK component Module Submodule Version Status

PingID Mobile SDK

PingID Mobile SDK for Android 1.5 Unchanged
PingID Mobile SDK for iOS 1.5 Unchanged
PingID SDK Server sample code 1.4 Unchanged

PingFederate PingID SDK Integration Kit 1.8

PingFederate PingID SDK IDP Adapter 1.7

PingFederate PingID SDK IDP Adapter 1.7 Updated
PingFederate PingID SDK IDP Selector 1.1 Unchanged
PingFederate Authenticator API New
PingFederate PingID SDK Connector 1.2.1 Unchanged


PingID SDK has been extended with the following features:

Support for PingFederate Authentication API
PingID SDK now enables customers to integrate with the PingFederate Authentication API for end-user interactions, with the following features:
  • Step-up authentication
  • Transaction approval
For more information see:
Dynamic parameter support
Dynamic parameter support has been extended with the following new parameters:
  • pingIdSdkSmsMessage
  • pingIdSdkSmsSender
  • pingIdSdkLocale
  • pingIdSdkEmailConfigurationType
  • pingIdSdkEmailParameters
  • pingIdSdkVoiceMessage
  • pingIdSdkVoice

Known issues and limitations

QR code authentication
QR code based authentication is not supported for the PingFederate Authentication API.