The PingID SDK 1.2 package is released with the following components:
PingID SDK component Module Submodule Version Status

PingID Mobile SDK

PingID Mobile SDK for Android 1.1.1 Unchanged
PingID Mobile SDK for iOS 1.1 Unchanged
PingID SDK Server sample code 1.1 Unchanged

PingFederate PingID SDK Integration Kit 1.1

PingFederate PingID SDK IDP Adapter 1.1

PingFederate PingID SDK IDP Adapter 1.1 New
PingFederate PingID SDK IDP Selector 1.0 Unchanged
PingFederate PingID SDK Connector 1.1 New


PingID SDK has been extended with the following features:

PingFederate PingID SDK IDP Adapter 1.1 Voice authentication support
The PingID SDK Adapter provides an out-of-the-box integration between PingID SDK and PingFederate user authentication flow. This adapter reduces the integration effort for PingFederate Customer IAM customers. The PingID SDK Adapter previously supported the Mobile SDK, SMS and Email authentication methods, and has been extended to support Voice authentication.

For further details refer to The PingID SDK adapter for PingFederate.

The PingID SDK Package can be downloaded from the PingID downloads page

PingFederate PingID SDK Connector 1.1
The PingID SDK Connector 1.1 has been extended to include:
  • Support for three voice number user attributes.
  • Support for primary device authentication configuration.
  • Improved error handling and reporting when PingID users contain no ID.

For further details, refer to PingFederate PingID SDK Connector Guide 1.1 and PingFederate PingID SDK Connector 1.1 Release Notes.

Known issues and limitations

The PingID SDK Adapter may not support some network proxies.