To set up a desktop authentication on a Mac using Windows login:

  1. Sign on to your account or app.

    The PingID registration window displays.

    A screen capture of the PingID registration window.
  2. Select I want to use a different authentication method.
  3. In the Alternative Authentication window, select Authenticate using the desktop application, and then click Next.

    A screen capture of the Alternative Authentication section and Authentication Preference options.

    The Desktop Setup window displays the pairing key that you need for step 7.

  4. Click Download for Mac OS X. Save the file to your local drive.
  5. Click the PingID.pkg download file to launch the PingID desktop app installer. Click Continue.
  6. In the PingID desktop app installer:
    1. Review the Software License Agreement and click Agree. Click Continue.
    2. Select the destination that you want to install PingID for Desktop. Click Continue.
    3. If you want to change the location that PingID is installed, click Change Install Location and go to the new location. Otherwise, click Install. You might be prompted to enter your system password.

      A green check mark and an installation successful message appears. PingID is added to the Applications list on your Mac.

    4. Click Close.
  7. Launch the PingID desktop application and enter the pairing key you were given in step 3, and then click Pair.

    The desktop app generates a passcode.

  8. In the desktop app, click Copy to copy the passcode, and then paste it into the Authentication field in your browser. Click Sign On.

    The green check mark appears, indicating your authentication success.

  9. The next time you sign on to your Mac machine remotely, launch the desktop app on your Mac to generate a passcode. On the Mac machine, enter the passcode in the Authentication window.