1. In the admin console, go to Setup > PingID > DEVICE & PAIRING.

    Screen capture of the Device & Pairing tab showing the Device Requirements section.

  2. In the DEVICE REQUIREMENTS section, click +Add.
  3. From the Select a Condition list, select Mobile Device Management.
    The Mobile Device Management section is displayed.
    Screen capture of the Mobile Device Management Required section.
    • The generated SHARED TOKEN key is in UUID format.
    • The key value is editable. Administrators can use their own key value.
  4. From the EFFECTIVE DATE list, select a future date.

    This will allow time to distribute the token to all managed devices, before the MDM requirement takes effect. If the effective date is not a future date, all users will be blocked until the token is distributed by the MDM system to managed devices.

  5. Click Save.
Configure the organization's MDM system. For more information, see Third-party MDM system configuration for PingID integration.