This topic shows you how to transfer PingID mobile app authentication from your old phone to a new one using a QR code.


In some situations, you might not be able to transfer PingID to your new device directly, such as:

  • If this feature is disabled by your organization.
  • If you don't have access to your old phone, or do not start the transfer from within the PingID mobile app of your old phone.
  • If you're not planning to use the PingID mobile app on your new device, but want to use a different authentication method, such as the device's built-in biometrics.
  • If your old device is paired to more than one data center.

In these cases, you must manually unpair PingID from your old device and then manually pair PingID with your new device.

If you are unable to access your old device or your device is damaged, lost, or stolen, see A lost or stolen device situation.