The procedure detailed here is the iOS example for updating the token PingID managed app in MobileIron. The procedure for Android is identical. If the organization's mobile device management (MDM) manages both iOS and Android devices, configure and save the entire procedure separately for each platform.

  1. In the MobileIron admin console, go to Apps > App Catalog.
  2. Select the PingID mobile app for iOS.
    Screen capture of the App Catalog.
  3. On the App Configurations tab, select iOS Managed App Configuration.

    Screen capture of the PingID app with the App Configurations tab and iOS Managed App Configuration highlighted.

  4. Update the Configuration Setup parameter values.
    Parameter Value
    Token value

    The token string value for MDM, as generated in the PingID admin web configuration page.

    Screen capture of the PingID App Configurations tab with the iOS Managed App Settings fields for Key and Value highlighted.
  5. Click Save.

    Repeat the entire process for Android.