You must configure and save the entire procedure separately for each platform.

  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM admin console, go to Apps & Books > Applications > List View.
  2. On the Public tab, select the PingID iOS app to edit, and then click the Pencil icon.
    Screen capture of the Public tab with the Pencil icon for the PingID iOS app highlighted.
  3. Click the Assignment tab.
    Screen capture of the Assignments tab with the Polices section and required fields highlighted.
  4. Go to the Policies section.
  5. In the Application Configuration section, enter the following parameter values.
    Parameter Value
    Configuration Key PINGID_MDM_TOKEN.
    • For iOS, the value PINGID_MDM_TOKEN must be entered manually.
    • For Android, the value PINGID_MDM_TOKEN is prepopulated.
    Value Type STRING
    Configuration value

    The token string value for MDM, as generated in the PingID admin web configuration page.

  6. Click Save & publish.

    Repeat the entire process for Android.