The following conditions apply:

  • Daily used SMS/voice limits: These limits are not enforced for Twilio accounts. For more information, see SMS and voice usage limits.
  • Billing: You must set up your Twilio billing arrangements before configuring PingID to use your account.
  • Multiple Twilio accounts: If you have several Twilio accounts, you can only use one of them. If you have sub-accounts, you can use either:
    • The main account
    • A single sub-account of the main account
  • Inactive PingID Accounts: Only an administrator can delete a Twilio account configuration in PingID if the PingID account becomes inactive. To delete a custom Twilio account from PingID, see Managing a Twilio account.
  • Preregistering a Sender ID: Customers using a custom Twilio account should be aware that some countries require SMS messages to be sent using a preregistered alphanumeric Sender ID. For information, see Twilio requirements by country.

To configure a custom Twilio account, see Configuring a Twilio account.

To manage a custom Twilio account, see Managing a Twilio account.