Download and install the authenticator app that you want to use, such as Google authenticator.

  1. From your web browser or application:
    1. Sign on to your VPN with your username and password.
    2. When prompted, install the PingID app.
    3. In the Response field, enter other. Click Sign In.
    4. To set up your authenticator app, in the Response field, enter authenticator. Click Sign In.
      A pairing key generates and displays on-screen.
  2. Open your authenticator app:

    Depending on the authenticator app you choose, the steps might vary.

    1. Create a new account and accept all permissions, if prompted.
    2. Tap the option to enter a manual code, also called a code or provided key.
    3. Enter the pairing key provided in step 1.
    A confirmation message displays on your authenticator app confirming your account is added successfully. A new entry appears showing your account name and a one-time passcode (OTP).
  3. On your web browser or application, in the Response field, enter the OTP. Click Sign In.
    Pairing and authentication is complete and you are signed on to your VPN.