When using your authenticator app to get a passcode:

  • If you have more than one account paired with your authenticator app, make sure you select the passcode that corresponds to the account you are trying to access.
  • The passcode changes approximately every 30 seconds. When prompted to authenticate, enter the most recent passcode.
  • You can only use a passcode one time.

You must pair your authenticator app with your account to enable authentication. For more information, see Setting up your authenticator app for PingID authentication.

  1. Sign on to your account or access an application that requires authentication.

    A screen capture of the PingID Sign On window.
    The Authentication window appears, prompting you to enter a passcode.

    A screen capture of the Authentication window requesting the passcode from your authenticator.

  2. Launch your authenticator app.
    The authenticator app displays a one-time passcode for your account.
    A screen capture of the Google Authenticator window, displaying the passcode.
    Note: This example shows the Google authenticator.
  3. In your browser, in the Authentication window, enter the passcode. Click Sign On.
    A green check mark appears, indicating authentication is successful and your access is approved.