1. Sign on to your Windows machine.

    A screen capture of the Windows login page.
    The PingID registration window displays.
    A screen capture of the PingID registration window.

    Until you successfully complete the registration process, you cannot minimize the PingID registration window. If you close the window, you are automatically redirected back to the Windows login page.

  2. Click I want to use a different authentication method.
  3. In the Alternative Authentication window:
    1. Enter your authentication preference, select either Receive passcodes via SMS or Receive passcodes via voice call.
    2. From the country code list, select the country code.
    3. Enter the phone number you want to use to authenticate.
    4. Click Next.

      Phone numbers with extensions are supported for Voice calls when the phone number is followed by a comma and the extension number. Examples include:

      • The phone number +12025550123 with the extension 2992 is entered as +12025550123,2992.
      • The extension can include the # or * characters. For example: +12025550123,#2992 or +12025550123,2992#.
      • If there is more than one extension, then a comma should separate the extension and the nested extension. For example: +12025550123,#2992,#2991.
      • Each comma generates a two-second pause. After the call is answered, the extension is dialed after two seconds. If a pause is required for longer than two seconds, add an additional comma for each additional two-second pause. For example, three commas for a six-second pause before the nested extension: +12025550123,#2992,,,#2991.

      A screen capture of the Alternative Authentication window, displaying the Authentication Preference options.
    A one-time passcode (OTP) is sent to your mobile through a SMS or voice call.
  4. In the Authentication window, enter the passcode into passcode field. Click Verify.
  5. The next time you sign on to your Windows machine or application:
    1. An OTP sends to your mobile prompting you to enter it in your browser.
    2. Enter the passcode in the Authentication window in your browser.
    3. Click Sign On to complete the authentication.
The green Authenticated message appears with a check mark, indicating authentication is successful. You are signed on to your Windows machine.
A screen capture of the Windows home desktop page.