After you download the desktop app and pair and connect your computer with your account, each time you sign on to your account, launch the PingID desktop appto generate a one-time passcode (OTP) you can use to authenticate.

A screen capture of the PingID OTP with the option to Refresh or Copy.

From the app, you can:

  • Launch the PingID desktop app to view an OTP or generate a new passcode for authentication.
  • Update the desktop app to the latest software version, if permitted by your organization's policy.
  • Change your desktop app PIN, if a PIN is required by your organization.
  • Add or delete an organization. If you want to use the PingID desktop app to authenticate against accounts in more than one organization, you can add an organization and pair your computer with a new organization or remove an organization.
  • Send a log of your activity to customer support for help when troubleshooting issues.

For more information on managing your PingID desktop app, see PingID desktop app management.


The option to pair your account with this device type is defined by your company policy.