December 2021 - PingID

PingID Administration Guide

Page created: 1 May 2022 |
Page updated: 2 May 2022

New features and improvements in PingID implemented in December 2021.

December 23

Authentication policies applied when accessing an application with a newly paired device


In situations where users without a paired device attempted to access an application, the successful pairing allowed them to access the application without taking into account the authentication policies defined.

An option has now been added to require that the relevant authentication policies for the application be applied even in this scenario. To enable this requirement, select the option in the Enrollment section of the PingID configuration page (Enforce Policy evaluation after new device registration).

December 21

New version of PingID SSH Integration (version 4.2.0)

We've released a new version of the PingID SSH Integration. For details, see PingID SSH Integration 4.2.0 (December 21, 2021).

December 16

Added a second SMS provider to improve reliability

As part of the ongoing effort to improve the reliability of SMS-based authentication, a second SMS provider has been added for PingID.

December 9

Log in to your Windows machine without a password


You can now log in to a Windows computer without having to enter a password, using the PingID mobile app. The authentication relies on Certificate-Based Authentication, but the user experience is similar to the familiar authentication process with the PingID mobile app.

For details, see Integrating PingID with Windows login (passwordless).

December 1

Sender ID for SMS messages sent to Polish mobile numbers shows PINGID

To reduce delivery problems, SMS messages sent to Polish mobile numbers now use PINGID as the sender ID.