Before you can start using your security key to authenticate, you need to pair it with your account. Pairing creates a trust between the security key and your account, so you can use it to authenticate during the sign on process.

If you do not have internet access or a network connection when accessing through Windows login, you can use a security key to authenticate manually. For more information, see Authenticating using a security key for manual authentication (Windows login).


For YubiKey hard tokens only:

To pair a YubiKey as a security key it must be FIDO2 compliant. For a compatible YubiKey model list, see

You can also pair a YubiKey with PingID as a simple one-time passcode (OTP) hardware token. See YubiKey.

For more support on whether to pair your YubiKey hardware token as a security key or as a YubiKey, contact your company's help desk.