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Page created: 12 Dec 2022 |
Page updated: 9 Jan 2023

New features and improvements in PingID mobile app 1.31.

Support of PingID mobile app PIN code

PingID mobile app
PingID mobile app supports the use of a PIN code. When this feature is enabled, users are required to create a PIN code and use it to authenticate with the PingID mobile app. Admins can enforce PIN codes for devices that do not have a device PIN only, or for all devices.

Notify users of new PingID mobile app versions

PingID mobile app
Users can now be notified that an update to PingID mobile app is available. Users can click a link in the notification to update. Depending on the configuration, updates can be mandatory or optional. {link in the admin guide}

Security, performance, and reliability

PingID mobile app
Improvements to security, performance, and reliability

Fixed an OTP refresh issue

PingID mobile app
Fixed an issue that was preventing the one-time passcode (OTP) from automatically refreshing between authentication attempts.

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