The Forensic reports provided by PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard render deep insights into the client API activity. They provide analytics on recent attacks and API activities of top clients. The ABS AI Engine generates forensic insights by analyzing the API traffic patterns. PingIntelligence for APIs Dashboard projects these insights as Forensic reports.

An example of top clients is the Top IP Addresses forensic report, which gives insight into the activity of the most common IP addresses accessing APIs in your environment.

Click on the individual IP addresses to drill down further and get details on the APIs accessed by the IP address, attacks generated by it and so on.

You can get similar insights on activites from other client identifiers including Usernames, API Keys, Tokens, and Cookies.
Note: For client identifiers that exceed 4096 characters, the Dashboard displays only attack information. It does not report forensic details, such as APIs accessed by the identifiers, number of requests, and so forth.
The following table shows the forensics reported by the Dashboard.
Forensic reports Analytics reported
Recent Attacks The forensic report on recent attacks give following information:
  • The time of the attack.
  • The API attacked.
  • The client identifier from which the attack originated - The identifier can be IP address, cookie, token, username, API key.
  • Count of attacks.
  • Top Users
  • Top Tokens
  • Top API Keys
  • Top Cookies
  • Top IP Addressess
The Top client identifier reports provide a list of following information for each client identifier:
  • Client identifier value.
  • Count of APIs attacked using the client identifier.
  • Number of attacks from the client identifier.
  • Number of requests made using the client identifier.
Note: You can drill down on each client identifier to get more finer insights like APIs accessed, count of requests made to each API, type of attacks generated from the client identifier, devices from which the request initiated and much more.

With PingIntelligence Dashboard, you can get the attack insights for different time-periods. For more information, see Dashboard time series.