Complete the following prerequisites before proceeding with upgrade:
  • Download PingIntelligence for APIs 5.0 binaries from Ping download site.
  • Access to PingIntelligence for APIs upgrade package - pi-api-upgrade-5.0.tar.gz. Contact Ping Identity Sales team for the latest upgrade script package.
  • Host machine with RHEL 7.9 or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. PingIntelligence 5.0 supports RHEL 7.9 or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating systems.
  • OpenJDK 11.0.2 to OpenJDK 11.0.6.
  • Set JAVA_HOME by adding the following command in ~/.bashrc file.
    export JAVA_HOME="/a/b/java"
  • Disable ABS on all ASE nodes by entering the following command on ASE nodes.
    ./ -u admin -p admin disable_abs
  • To minimize the impact to live traffic, stop ASE.
Note: Upgrade will be done in-place for all the components. The process will need components to be taken out of live traffic processing till the upgrade is completed.

Common upgrade steps

  • Extract the PingIntelligence for APIs upgrade package pi-api-upgrade-5.0.tar.gz into a temporary directory on the host machine that has either ASE or ABS AI Engine or PingIntelligence Dashboard installed.
    # mkdir ~/pi-tmp
    # cp pi-api-upgrade-5.0.tar.gz ~/pi-tmp/
    # cd ~/pi-tmp/
    # tar -xvf pi-api-upgrade-5.0.tar.gz
    The following image shows the directory structure.
    Image of the upgrade scripts directory structure
    Note: You can copy the upgrade package onto the host machine using utilities like SCP, rsync, SFTP, or curl.
  • Upgrade the components in the following order.
Note: The upgrade scripts should be run from a user who has read, write, and execute permissions in the installation directories.