• Confirm you have admin user privileges to view the Training status dashboard.
  • If you're accessing PingIntelligence through PingOne platform, make sure that PingOne API Intelligence service is activated. For more information, see Getting started with PingOne API Intelligence

Check the training status of the AI engine for a given API from the Training status dashboard. When the training is complete, the AI engine will be ready to detect attacks on the API.

  • Click Training Status on the left pane, to view the training status for an API. By default you will reach the Per API dashboard. Select the API from the drop-down list. The dashboard displays the list of Indicators of Attack (IoAs) with their training status for the selected API.
    Note: A Trained status indicates that the machine learning models for the IoA are built and the AI engine can detect the IoA on the API. For more information, see Per API attacks.
  • Click Download Attack Thresholds to download the file of attack thresholds in a JSON format. For more information, see Threshold range for Tn and Tx.
    The following is a sample snippet of the JSON file.
      "company" : "ping identity",
      "name" : "api_threshold",
      "description" : "This report contains threshold settings for the specified API/Attack ID",
      "api_name" : "api1",
      "threshold" : [ {
        "id" : 1,
        "type" : "data_exfiltration_attack",
        "system" : {
          "A" : {
            "tn" : "-1",
            "tx" : "-1"
          "B" : {
            "tn" : "-1",
            "tx" : "-1"
          "C" : {
            "tn" : "-1",
            "tx" : "-1"
      }, <pi-thresholds.json continues..>
  • Click the expand icon to review further details, such as attack ID, attack description, and so on.

  • You can sort the attack types based on Attack ID or Is Trained status as shown in the the following screenshot.

  • You can search and know the training status based on attack name or attack ID within attack types.

  • Click the Across API tab for the across API training status. The status indicates if the AI engine is ready to detect attack types, which span across multiple APIs. For more information, see Across API attacks. To download the attack thresholds for Across API attacks,click Download Attack Thresholds.