Complete the following steps to deploy PingIntelligence policy for Mulesoft 4.x.

  1. Create a project directory by following the instructions explained in Getting started with Custom Policies development link. The following screenshot shows an illustrative sample of a project directory structure.

  2. PingIntelligence policy package provides three files for 4.x :
    • policy.xml- Contains the actual logic of the policy.
    • policy.yaml- Has details that render policy configuration UI.
    • pom.xml- Specifies dependencies for policy compilation.
    When the project's directory structure is created, replace the contents of my-custom-policy.yaml with that of policy.yaml file and the contents of template.xml with that of policy.xml. Similarly, replace the contents of pom.xml with that of pom.xml file provided in PingIntelligence policy package.

    Edit the pom.xml file to enter your organization's groupID:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <project xmlns=""
        <description>ASE Sideband Policy for mule 4 with username info</description>
  3. From the command line in your project' folder, run the following command. This packages the PingIntelligence policy and creates a deployable JAR file.
    > mvn clean install
    Note: You require license to MuleSoft Enterprise Repository for compiling the policy.
  4. Upload the PingIntelligence policy to Exchange by following the instructions under Deploying a Policy Created Using the Maven Archetype.

The PingIntelligence policy is now available to apply to your APIs. For more information, see Apply PingIntelligence policy.