After the PingIntelligence bundle is configured, import it into the CA API gateway. PingIntelligence provides a script to import the policy. Complete the following steps to import the bundle:
  1. Open the file in an editor.
  2. Configure the following values:
    • GW: API gateway hostname and port
    • GW_user admin:password: API gateway username
    • GW_PASS_B64: A base64 encoded password used to encrypt/decrypt secure passwords
  3. Run the script. After the import script is run, the PingIntelligence policy is installed in the API gateway.

Verify the policy import: Connect to the API gateway using the CA API Gateway Policy Manager. Verify the PingIntelligence folder is visible in the lower left-hand side window.

Following is a sample script:
!/usr/bin/env bash

# Configure the gateway host and port and user credentials

# Import the folder 'PingIntelligence'
curl -k -u $GW_USER -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/xml" -H "L7-key-passphrase: $GW_PASS_B64" "https://$GW/restman/1.0/bundle" -d @../docker-build/add-ons/ssg/policies/pingintelligence.bundle

# Import cluster properties that configure the PingIntelligence bundle
# ase_host_https
# ase_path_request
# ase_path_response
# ase_host2_https
# ase_path2_request
# ase_path2_response
# ase_request_connection_timeout
# ase_request_read_timeout
# ase_response_connection_timeout
# ase_response_read_timeout
curl -k -u $GW_USER -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/xml" "https://$GW/restman/1.0/bundle" -d @../docker-build/add-ons/ssg/policies/pingintelligence-properties.bundle