The directories that ABS creates as part of the installation process are shown in the following table:

Directory Purpose
config Contains, a Java properties file used to configure ABS.
data Stores logs sent by API Security Enforcer.
logs Stores all ABS related logs.
lib For internal use. Do not change anything in this directory.

Contains various scripts to start and stop ABS.

Note: Do not edit the scripts in the bin directory.
mongo Contains the abs_init.js file used to load the default schema, secret key, and access key.

Contains utilities to:

  • Check and Open MongoDB Default Port
  • Purge the Processed Access Logs from ABS
  • Purge ABS Data from MongoDB
  • Various service and systemctl scripts
  • Reset MongoDB script, and
  • Update script to change the values of global configuration defined in /pingidentity/abs/mongo/abs_init.js file
  • the default ports 8080 and 9090 for ABS REST API and connectivity from ASE respectively. Run the script on the ABS machine.