To start ABS, you need a valid license. There are two types of ABS licenses:

  • Trial license – The trial license is valid for 30-days. At the end of the trial period, ABS stops processing and shuts down.
  • Subscription license – The subscription license is based on the total number of transactions subscribed per month and the duration of the license. It is a good practice to configure your email before configuring the ABS license. ABS sends an email notification to the configured email ID when the license has expired. Contact the PingIdentity sales team for more information. The following points should be noted:
    • Maximum transaction set to 0: If your subscription ABS license has zero as maximum transaction, it means that the license has unlimited monthly transaction. Such a license only expires at the end of subscription period.
    • License expiry: In case when the subscription license has expired, ABS continues to run until a restart. ABS needs a valid license file to start.

Add an ABS license

If you have not received an ABS license, request a license file from Ping sales. The name of the license file must be PingIntelligence.lic. Copy the license file to the /opt/pingidentity/abs/config directory and then start ABS.

Update an existing license

If your existing license has expired, obtain a new license from Ping Identity sales and replace the license file in the /opt/pingidentity/abs/config directory. Stop and then start ABS after the license file is updated.

Checking the current transaction count

Use the Admin REST API to view the current transaction count against your subscribed transaction limit. Following snippet of the Admin REST API shows the license information:

    "company": "ping identity",
    "name": "api_admin",
    "description": "This report contains status information on all APIs, ABS clusters, and ASE logs",
    "license_info": {
        "tier": "Subscription",
        "expiry": "Wed Jan 15 00:00:00 UTC 2020",
        "max_transactions_per_month": 1000000000,
        "current_month_transactions": 98723545,
        "max_transactions_exceeded": false,
        "expired": false