You can run ABS AI engine in (proof-of-concept) POC mode which requires substantially lesser number of requests for detecting an attack. This mode is only for the purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of the AI engine. All the REST API attacks can be detected in the POC mode. For more information on different attack types, see Attack Types REST and WebSocket APIs.


Do not deploy the AI engine in production environment in POC mode. It is recommended to uninstall all PingIntelligence components from POC mode and reinstall for production environment. The ABS AI engine in POC mode is not suitable for security testing as well.

Configure POC mode

You can install ABS AI engine in POC mode by configuring the parameter during automated installation. For more information on configuring the POC mode at the time of installation, see Changing ABS default settings.

If you are using manual installation to install ABS AI engine and MongoDB, configure poc to true using the Global configuration update REST API.

Verify the POC mode

Use the ABS Admin REST API to verify whether ABS AI engine is running in the POC mode. The report can be accessed by calling the ABS system at the following URL:


    "company": "ping identity",
    "name": "api_admin",
    "description": "This report contains status information on all APIs, ABS clusters, and ASE logs",
    "license_info": {
        "tier": "Subscription",
        "expiry": "Sun Feb 21 00:00:00 UTC 2021",
        "max_transactions_per_month": 100000000,
        "current_month_transactions": 41243418,
        "max_transactions_exceeded": false,
        "expired": false
    "across_api_prediction_mode": true,
    "poc": true,

    "api_discovery": {
        "subpath_length": "1",
        "status": true

...truncated admin API output...