The API tab displays all the APIs being managed by PingIntelligence. Every API will be part of at least one API group in the Dashboard. The APIs grouping feature makes searching for a specific API quick and easy. The Dashboard supports two kinds of groups:

  • Default API group: This is the global API group. All the existing as well as newly discovered APIs will be part of it initially. APIs that do not belong to any other API group will automatically get added to the default API group. You can only view and move APIs from the default APIs group. You cannot delete an API from the default API group.
  • User-defined API groups: These are the API groups that you can create based on your requirements. You can add or delete an API from the user-defined API groups.
PingIntelligence APIs grouping

API details

You can click on the expand icon to expand an API group. The following details are available for each API within an API group:

Using the toggle button , you can hide or display information for the API in the PingIntelligence Dashboard. This provides the flexibility to display only selected APIs. Even if an API is hidden from the API dashboard, the dashboard engine continues processing its metadata. The hidden API is moved to the end of list. If the APIs are paginated, the hidden APIs are moved to the last page. When you toggle the button to display a hidden API, the Dashboard displays data for the API on the Dashboard. You can also go to the API activity dashboard for the API by clicking the API analytics icon .

PingIntelligence APIs grouping - API details