Parameter Description
pi.apipublish.ssl.enabled-protocols The supported SSL protocols . Default value is TLSv1.2.
pi.apipublish.ssl.ciphers The supported ssl ciphers. For the list of valid cipher names, see For multiple cipher names use comma separated list. For example, TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384,TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256.
pi.apipublish.ssl.key-store The direcotry path of keystore. The default value is config/ssl/apipublish.jks.
pi.apipublish.ssl.key-store-type The keystore type. Default value is JKS.
pi.apipublish.ssl.key-store-password The password of the JKS Keystore. PingIntelligence ships with a default obfuscated password. You can reset the password and obfuscate it.
pi.apipublish.ssl.key-alias Alias for SSL key. The default value is pingidentity.

Port for API Pubhish service and PingIntelligence Dashboard communication.

The default value is 8050.

pi.apipublish.server.timezone Set the timezone to utc or local. The default timezone is utc.
pi.apipublish.server.deployment_type The API Publish service deployment mode. Valid values are cloud or onprem. The default value is onprem.

The MongoDB data database name.

The default value is abs_data.

pi.apipublish.datasource.metadata_dbname The MongoDB metadata database name.The default value is abs_metadata.
pi.apipublish.datasource.mongo_rs Comma separated MongoDB replica set URI.
pi.apipublish.datasource.mongo_ssl Set it to true if MongoDB is configured to use SSL connections. The default value is false.
Defines the method in which MongoDB authenticates. The possible values can be:
  • NONE - Set it to NONE, if authentication is not configured in MongoDB.
  • DEFAULT - Set it to DEFAULT, if you want to use native MongoDB username and password. Prove the values in the next two variables.
  • PLAIN - Set it to PLAIN, if you want to use LDAP authentication. In this case, provide the LDAP username and password in the next two variables.
pi.apipublish.datasource.mongo_certificate Set it to true if you want to verify MongoDB SSL server certificate when API Publish service connects to MongoDB. The default value is false.
Note: Make sure pi.apipublishservice.datasource.mongo_ssl is set to true before setting pi.apipublishservice.datasource.mongo_certificate to true.
pi.apipublish.datasource.username MongoDB username

Default value is absuser.

pi.apipublish.datasource.password MongoDB password

Default value is abs123.